Update: Contact Form

Just updated the contact form.


  • Added info on “installation” in the readme (Adding to Your Website)
  • Renamed readme.txt to Contact-Form_readme.txt
  • Renamed index.php to contact.php
  • Renamed form.css to contact.css
  • Renamed background.png to formbg.png
  • Renamed background.psd to formbg.psd
  • Renamed background.xcf to formbg.xcf
  • Changed <title> of contact.php to “Contact”

Release: Contact Form

Website Contact Form

A contact form I made using HTML, CSS, and PHP. The most time-consuming part was actually the readme.


  • A working mail server
  • PHP support


  • index.php: the form
  • readme.txt: instructions
  • css/form.css: the CSS styles for the form
  • images/background.png: the background image
  • images/background.psd: the background work file for Photoshop
  • images/background.xcf: the background image work file for GIMP
  • js/jquery.js: the jQuery JavaScript library
  • js/jquery.placeholder.js: displays the “placeholder” attribute in browsers that don’t support it
  • js/modernizr-2.5.3.js: the Modernizr JavaScript library

Contact Form

Just created my first template that I hope to post on deviantART! It’s a Contact form for someone’s website.

It’s built using HTML, CSS(3), JavaScript, and PHP. It requires a functioning mail server and will include a readme for any required customization.

The background is an image, but the rest is styled using CSS and CSS3. I’m including the XCF file for GIMP, but you need basic knowledge of CSS and color hex codes to change the rest of the color scheme.

WIP: Switchex 5.2 (6.0?)

I’ve been working on Switchex since June 24th; I’ve added new features, removed some features, and changed others. So far, it’s only version 5.2, but if I keep adding features, it might end up being version 6.0!

Here’s a sneak-peek of a couple new features in store:

  • Automatically detects game installation location and whether it’s enUS or enGB
  • Open game folder and addons folder

And a few technical features you probably won’t care about:

  • Moved colors out of the database and into the program settings
  • Allow roaming profiles (so your settings are stored in AppData/Roaming instead of AppData/Local)
  • Fixed the links to my websites

I’ll only release the program once I’ve figured out all the problems that I’m likely to have. Stay tuned!