Update: New Website Design

I finally decided to redesign my website in celebration of getting my new web domain!

I’m using most of the same information, but there are big changes!

The entire site is all one page. Hover over the navigation links on the left side and it will change the page. All internal links will do the same thing. I’m still going to change some of the information, and I still want to change the way software is displayed. I’m hoping to find a plugin that will allow me to open an entirely separate page or a hidden <div> with the software information, screenshot, and download links.

I use jQuery to move between pages on hover and click and PHP for other elements, such as the artwork page.

Update: Artwork Page on Abluescarab.com

Hooray! I updated my image gallery.

I wrote a PHP script that recursively detects gallery images, adds thumbnails, and includes section headers.

That means I can use my upload script to upload new pictures and their thumbnails AND the sections I want them to be under.

tl;dr This awesome script makes it so I don’t have to work anymore.

I also changed up the gallery itself. There are no more headers telling you what the image names are, nor do they link to their respective deviantART pages (I have to figure out how to do that later…).

Finally, no matter how large the thumbnails are, they will all be the same size due to the clip CSS property.

WIP: Word Games!

Well, not so much games as utilities. I’ve been a bit bored lately, so I decided to work on some “word game” scripts in PHP. I’ve got a Word Count, Reverse a String, check Palindrome, and Encrypter/Decrypter script. I’ve also got an upcoming “Letter Count” script that’ll count the amount of letters in a string. (In programming terms, a string is just a bit of text.)

The Palindrome checker is still a WIP, but it’s mostly working. Basically, enter a bit of text and it will check if the text is the same backwards as forwards. For example, “racecar”.

The Word Count script obviously counts the amount of words in a string. In this case, it also counts the amount of characters, with or without spaces.

The Reverse a String script allows you to enter some text and it will reverse it for you.

The Encrypter/Decrypter script allows you to enter some text and it will encrypt it. This encryption is the type where you change each letter to the letter following it in the alphabet—for example, “a” would become “b”, “b” would become “c”, and so on. There’s also a box for you to decrypt already-encrypted text.

You can check out all these awesome scripts in the Projects directory of my website.

New Projects

Ah, it’s nice to get some actual work done. In the last couple days, I created an Upload script and a nice directory list script, both written in PHP.

The Upload script is for my website. I’m using it to upload files that I can link to in things like my email signatures and such. The directory list is also for my website, for those folders that have a bunch of files and no good way to see what they are.

I hope to release more refined versions of both files. I think they could really come in handy for people.

You can check out the directory script in action in my uploads or projects folders on my site. As for the uploads script, you’ll have to settle for a screenshot!

Update: Contact Form

Ah, an update with my contact form!

  • Added copyright info and link to download (#form-ad)
  • Added #form div around the entire form (excluding PHP code at the top)
  • Changed names of all the form divs to “form-[divname]” to make sure it works correctly


Update: SourceForge

So here’s another WIP update on my SourceForge page! I took a break because I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I finally decided. Obviously, I’m still working on it (hence WIP), but this is what I have so far. I’m still hoping to spice it up a little, make it more interesting.

The design is partly based on a combination of GIMP-Tutorials.net and Nettuts+.

I used Dreamweaver and the CSS3 Gradient Generator (that’s pretty much a personal reference link).

Anyway, like I said above, I’m hoping to make it a little better, and I still need to put in all the info.