Moving to GitHub

Hey, guys!

I only just found out about the new SourceForge “feature” that showed up last month that allows developers to redirect their downloads to a new “SourceForge installer” that can install adware.

I would rather not support such terrible business practices, so I’m currently in the process of moving most of my projects to GitHub. It will be a slow process, as I’d like to rewrite most of my applications before I move them over, but hopefully it will work out!

For now, Switchex is the only project moved over. I haven’t deleted the SourceForge project yet, and I probably won’t in the long run, as SourceForge has some features I’d like to keep using, but the primary downloads will be moved to GitHub.

So far, GitHub also seems more intuitive for me to use. I’ve never quite understood git, but GitHub makes it simple and enjoyable.

You can click here to go to the new Switchex downloads page at GitHub.

Just a note: I will most likely NOT be uploading older versions of my programs to GitHub. At this point, it would take a while, and (in my opinion), they’ve only gotten better or at least gained more features in almost every iteration. If you’d like to download older versions, I recommend checking out the SourceForge page.