Update: Contact Form

Just updated the contact form.


  • Added info on “installation” in the readme (Adding to Your Website)
  • Renamed readme.txt to Contact-Form_readme.txt
  • Renamed index.php to contact.php
  • Renamed form.css to contact.css
  • Renamed background.png to formbg.png
  • Renamed background.psd to formbg.psd
  • Renamed background.xcf to formbg.xcf
  • Changed <title> of contact.php to “Contact”

Release: Contact Form

Website Contact Form

A contact form I made using HTML, CSS, and PHP. The most time-consuming part was actually the readme.


  • A working mail server
  • PHP support


  • index.php: the form
  • readme.txt: instructions
  • css/form.css: the CSS styles for the form
  • images/background.png: the background image
  • images/background.psd: the background work file for Photoshop
  • images/background.xcf: the background image work file for GIMP
  • js/jquery.js: the jQuery JavaScript library
  • js/jquery.placeholder.js: displays the “placeholder” attribute in browsers that don’t support it
  • js/modernizr-2.5.3.js: the Modernizr JavaScript library