WIP: Switchex 5.2 (6.0?)

I’ve been working on Switchex since June 24th; I’ve added new features, removed some features, and changed others. So far, it’s only version 5.2, but if I keep adding features, it might end up being version 6.0!

Here’s a sneak-peek of a couple new features in store:

  • Automatically detects game installation location and whether it’s enUS or enGB
  • Open game folder and addons folder

And a few technical features you probably won’t care about:

  • Moved colors out of the database and into the program settings
  • Allow roaming profiles (so your settings are stored in AppData/Roaming instead of AppData/Local)
  • Fixed the links to my websites

I’ll only release the program once I’ve figured out all the problems that I’m likely to have. Stay tuned!